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References may be provided upon request. Please email us at info@tgtrans.com or tirawan@gmx.net should you need qualified, credible, and trustworthy references. However, references will preferably be provided for real-project query.

Our referees are satisfied clients, mostly international translation agencies, but also ex-employer, for whom the lead translator  had worked in-house for approximately two years. 

Following is the comment from one of the lead translator's former employers about his quality:


"Of all the translators I have worked with in Indonesia, Teguh is the one that has shown the most dedication for his chosen profession. He enjoys his work with  passion. He had the courage to leave a job that was becoming too restricting  for somebody of his ability and spread his wings into the unknown world of freelance........ He is a rare find." 


To the question of whether or not we ALWAYS comply with deadlines as one of the most important aspects in the trade, she responded:


"He certainly did even if he had to work till late at night and he did so on several occasions when he worked for me."


"Teguh was the best of my 18 translators. An indefatigable worker with a  real passion for translation".


Following are the comments from one of our satisfied clients in UK:


"... really accommodating, professional and helpful..."


"...excellent client service, delivers on time and the end clients (and their regional offices) are very happy with his work..."


"...first-rate work...very reliable in terms of quality and service..."


Comment from another satisfied client:


"We are so impressed with your work." 


Complete reference letters may be provided upon requests.