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Previous Translation Project Samples

Listed below are just very few samples of topics/subjects & types (NOT titles) of our previous translation projects since 1998. For more complete list of types of projects that we have completed, please download the CV of our lead translator, Teguh Irawan, here

This list is intended to show the scope of experience and skills that we have attained in relation to in what fields our services will be provided in premier quality and optimum turnaround time without any prior inquiry. 

Asteriks (*) following project 'names' indicate projects' scales, please see legend at bottom for explanation. This size indication is intended to show what project sizes the service providers has handled, and therefore what project sizes he has the capacity to comfortably handle, and also the extent of his experience within those fields.

Engineering / Technical:

  1. Handbook about auto mechanics fundamentals****

  2. Manual about (heavy equipment tires) off-the-road mounting/demounting training program**

  3. Technical knowledge manual for tire fitter**

  4. Technical description of a type of wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer*

  5. Handbook about the essentials of fire fighting****

  6. Manual about fire suppressant

  7. Owner's manual for a type of  world-class microwave kitchen ware

  8. Procedures for the operation and maintenance of a coal generation facility site*

  9. User's training manual for a type of chemical (agricultural)

  10. Owner's Manual for outboard motor of a well-known brand**

  11. Localization of Interactive Website and WebHelp*

  12. HPtm printer-fax-copier machine manual*

  13. Foodsavertm manual

  14. Laboratory Quality Manual*

Oil & Gas:

  1. Standard practices for a well-servicing company****

  2. Offsore (rig) crane operator training modules**

  3. Floorhand training modules*

  4. Company Compliance and Standard Business Ethics for Employees*

Human Resources (General/Performance Training):

  1. Workplace training manual: Linking learning to the work role

  2. Performance Management Guide: Manager Quick Guide & Employee Quick Guide for competency development training

  3. Performance Management Manual: Developing Competency****

  4. Materials for workshop on employee competency development*

  5. General Electric proprietary Gold Medal Performance Manual (Change Acceleration Process)****

  6. A proprietary leader behavioral analysis for development manual

  7. Various Employee surveys

  8. Interactive training for employees on the use of e-mail*


  1. An analysis of heavy equipment workshop business for improvement 

  2. Manual of Caterpillar heavy equipment technical training****

  3. Operating manual of a type of blast hole drill**

  4. Fitter mechanic training manual of a type of (DM&H) blast hole drill***

  5. Mechanical servicing manual of a type of Caterpillar track dozer****

  6. Mine underground rock breaking manual***

  7. Grinding manual of hand tools****

  8. Operating procedures for concentrate flows through concentrators**** 

  9. Mine ore flow manual****

  10. Skill development program for mine underground services***

  11. Delivery policy for the development of a high impact training

  12. Guidelines for the disposal of non-hazardous solid waste*

  13. Policy and procedures for responding to spills

  14. Manual for safety and health management system***

  15. Policy guidelines for staff employees**

  16. Accident investigation reports

  17. Emergency incident plans**

  18. Mine service provision (subcontracting) contract agreement

  19. Job safety analysis

  20. Mining Shovel Operator Manual* 

Economic, Marketing, Business:

  1. A training manual of forward purchase agreement*

  2. A working capital credit agreement**

  3. A promo for a five-star international hotel

  4. An advertorial for a world-class mineral bottled-water

  5. Price formulation for an adjustable speed drive

  6. Financial Management training materials

Political / Legal:

  1. Several international conventions on radioactive materials and protected persons

  2. Questionnaires for several multinational organizations

  3. Executive reports for International Republican Institute

  4. Legal documents: birth certificates, marital certificates, divorce certificates, diplomas, certificate of good conducts

  5. A decree of the Indonesian Minister of Mines and Energy

  6. Polling document on direct election in one conflict-torn province in Indonesia

  7. Case study of election in Cambodia: campaign technique

  8. Book on globalization, UNESCO's the birth of a new civilization

  9. Post-Bali Blast Socioeconomic recovery plan program

  10. Pre-election survey reports*


  1. Bomb fishing policy and reporting procedures

  2. Marine turtle conservation program guidelines

  3. (Annual) Reclamation plan**

  4. Reclamation reports / area assessment reports

  5. Environment management and monitoring plan*

  6. Hazardous materials policies*

Others / Generic:

  1. Profiles of several universities in Indonesia

  2. Article about the benefits of Abaca banana

  3. Proposal for the development of mango plantation

  4. Training manuals and reports for cacao pod borer eradication program in Indonesia

Other Types of Documents Translated:

Memorandums, questionnaires, polling summary, statistical reports, advisory documents, letters, video storyboards (including voice over script), video scripts, play scripts, speech texts, web pages, newspaper articles, company in-house newsletter articles, and training management books, policies & procedures, guidelines, various reports, help files, environmental reports, waste-water treatment facility manual, material safety data sheet (MSDS), minutes of meeting, management presentations, slogans & mottos, correspondences, etc


**** Projects of above 100,000 source words.

*** Projects of 70,000 - 100,000 source words.

** Projects of 40,000 - 70,000 source words.

* Projects of 10,000 - 40,000 source words.

(  ) Projects from several hundred to almost 10,000 source words.